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The Scott FlameVision FV400 Flame Detectors use a Triple IR solar blind technology combined with flame detection algorithms to provide high performance sensing capabilities for hydrocarbon fires. This provides a reliable, cost-effective solution in standard flame detection applications where there is a single hazard in the field of view. This includes the ability to reliably sense flames through high densities of solvent vapors and black smoke, increasing the probability of early and consistent detection of a variety of hydrocarbon fuels from alcohol to aviation fuel.

Multiple interfaces are provided, including a volt-free relay contact for alarm and fault, 4 to 20 mA configurable as Sink or Source, MZX technology digital loop interface for connection to Tyco MZX Fire Panels, conventional 24Vdc Fire Controller interface and RS485 serial data port for MODBUS protocol. The detector also has an optional integrated CCTV camera to provide a visual means of operator verification.


 ​Fuel transport and load facility

 Diesel engine rooms

 Aircraft hangars and fueling stations

 Outdoor fuel storage tanks

 Underground transportation tunnels

 Oil refineries

 Compressor stations