Marvel Gloves Industries founded in 1980 established its first seamless Knitted Gloves manufacturing unit in Gujarat State. Our dedication, team efforts, customer support, quality product created high confidence in the buyers. Marvel Group has won two National Awards for quality products which were presented by the Honorable Presidents of India that got them recognition & fame in the safety gloves market in India and abroad. Our infrastructure is strong enough to handle the increasing demand of domestic and international market. We are customer friendly and guide our customers in selecting the right gloves for right application.

It is estimated that unsafe work conditions is one of the leading causes of death and disability among India’s working population. These deaths are needless and preventable. ILO estimates that around 403,000 people in India die every year due to work-related problems. In India, industrial workers do not enjoy privileges and rights that are available to industrial workers of the developed countries. For example, the employers of the Developed countries like Europe, USA, Japan and others provide to their employees all kinds of safety equipment like fire retardant clothing, safety goggles, safety gloves, specially designed boots and other safety equipment.

Marvel Group is therefore creating awareness in Indian Workers and industries for the selection of right type of safety gloves as per their applications to avoid injuries and accidents and to work efficiently. Marvel Group strongly recommends to select right gloves for particular task for optimization of work safety, maximization of productivity and minimization of workplace accidents.