Venus Safety & Health Pvt. Ltd. is an progressive manufacturer of Personal Protective Equipments (PPE) located in Navi Mumbai, India. As an organization we are dedicated to provide quality products and services since 1983, with 100% Indian capital and technology. Our competitive products and services are well accepted in the National & International markets. Our reputation confirms to an experienced team of professionals for development of new products in P.P.E. A continuous urge to improve the performance of existing products has always been a passion for the team, who look forward to technological advancements. Our product range caters to the applications for following industries such as: Automobile, Construction, Mines, Power, Engineering, Pharma, Chemicals, Ports & Shipyards, Textiles, Refineries & Others.


Respiratory Protective Device viz
  • Particulate Filtering masks
  • Half masks
  • Full Face mask
  • Chemical Filters
  • PAPR & Airline apparatus

Hearing Protective Device viz
  • Ear Plug
  • Ear-Muffs

Eye & Face Protective Device
  • Spectacles
  • Goggles & Shield